10 Push-ups Benefits that will make do Push-ups Right away

Perhaps the easiest looking exercise but it isn’t easy as it looks. Push-ups is a staple exercise when it comes to building stamina, strength, body shaping and muscle muscle building. It targets your complete upper body and core.

Does Sex Affect Muscle Growth?

So, you are one of those guys :). To answer this question the answer is Absolutely Not. There is a fine difference between masturbating and having sex. Most of the time people get confused between these two whether sex is more harmful or masturbation, well to be honest both are and not.

Is Your Gym Trainer Good For You?

A good coach will make you and a bad coach will destroy you. When it comes to coaching and training in bodybuilding you have to have a good trainer alongside with you because you are trusting him with God’s most beautiful creation, your body.

Best 5 Exercises for Muscular Triceps

Triceps cover the major part of your arm and they give you that fuller arm look. They are the Underdogs of the arm as they remain hidden and most of the show is your biceps. So i have given you 5 best exercises that will hit all your three heads giving you a well defined muscular Triceps.