10 Push-ups Benefits that will make do Push-ups Right away

Perhaps the easiest looking exercise but it isn’t easy as it looks. Push-ups is a staple exercise when it comes to building stamina, strength, body shaping and muscle muscle building. It targets your complete upper body and core. You might have hated your gym class teacher as he kept yelling and whistling on you to do push-ups but in reality he did you a great favor in building your body.

Push-ups benefits

Most people consider push-ups as chest exercise but it works on your complete upper body, doing push-ups the right way is a technique that holds the key to building you body. Let’s talk about some of the key push-ups benefits.

  1. Muscle Toning and Increased Strength.
  2. Improved Cardiovascular Health.
  3. Increased Joint Support.
  4. Increase in HGH, Human Growth Harmone.
  5. Gives your muscle a good stretch.
  6. Greatly increases Testosterone and lowers Osteoporosis Development.
  7. Corrects your Body Posture.
  8. Strengthens your Lower Back.
  9. No Cost Overall exercise.
  10. Will flatten your belly.

Now lets Talk about different styles of push-ups and their benefits.

1 . Standard Push-ups Benefits

Push-ups benefits
Works majorly on Chest by activating all three chest muscles upper, middle and lower. Second emphasis is on front deltoids and then third on Triceps.

2 . Incline Push-ups Benefits

Easier to perform, good for beginners as it requires less effort to do and it targets majorly the upper portion of your chest.

3 . Decline Push-ups Benefits

decline push-ups benefits
The purpose and angle of this exercise is to strengthen your core and build front deltoids and upper chest. This also helps flatten you stomach due to the added pressure.

4 . Clapping Push-ups Benefits

clapping push-ups benefits
This is an explosive chest workout, it primarily target the inner chest due to anatomy as you push up all the power is on your inner chest, all it targets your triceps in a greater way.

5 . Diamond Push-ups Benefits

The Ultimate inner, lower and triceps builder. Due it nature and technique this push up will activate three muscle in your body.


Push-ups is an overall excellent exercise to stimulate muscle and give you pump. If you are going for a party and don’t have time to go to gym and pump your body then push-ups is an excellent exercise to get the job done. There are several techniques of doing push-ups its now up to you that how you perform them, incorporate different angles to hit your body muscle differently or just perform them on regular basis to have a healthy life. Until next time…….

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