Does Sex Affect Muscle Growth?

So, you are one of those guys :). To answer this question the answer is Absolutely Not. There is a fine difference between masturbating and having sex. Most of the time people get confused between these two whether sex is more harmful or masturbation, well to be honest both are and not. In simple excess of everything is bad so whether you do more sex or masturbate more often both will harm you in your muscle building process.

And if you ask that does both decreases your muscle size then in my experience they do not, but yes they will make your muscle growth slower to slowest. You know that your muscle increases when your body is relaxed, when you sleep, when your muscles relax. And you have the experience that when you masturbate or after sex your body feels relaxed or you get the urge to sleep, right? It is a common myth among people that in order to increase the muscle you have to stop masturbating or forbid sex, i mean how can you stay away from a natural process. When you orgasm your body feels no tension it goes in to clam state, and when you don’t have sex your muscle started to get tensed tensed and more tensed due to the natural functionality of your body resulting in anger, anxiety and mind tension.

So when you orgasm your mind release chemicals that put your body into relaxing state. If sex was to hinder your muscle growth then ever why porn stars now a days have such body? i mean right? they have such good body and they do sex more than you.

sex and muscle growth

Having sex releases tension, that is necessary for your body to grow and work better not even for bodybuilding but other daily functions as well. So, if anyone says that you are doing bodybuilding so you should stop having sex then don’t listen to that person. What do you think all the great bodybuilders don’t do sex? in order to achieve that giant body. Think again.


By above all i am not encouraging you to have sex or to masturbate, it’s just that my duty is to provide on that information that is logical and based on human body structure and function. Sex is a natural process and eventually every living thing on the earth does it, i mean sex is there for a reason not just to produce babies, right? I have also covered Masturbation and Muscle growth in a separate topic, you should also check it. Until next time.

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