Is Your Gym Trainer Good For You?

Gym Trainer

A good coach will make you and a bad coach will destroy you. When it comes to coaching and training in bodybuilding you have to have a good trainer alongside with you because you are trusting him with God’s most beautiful creation, your body. Your body is the epitome of your personality. When you hire a coach to train you then it means he is taking full responsibility of your body. So in this article i’ll be telling you key things that you what i have learnt over the years and believe me i have seen the worst.

Time Frame

Gym Trainer

Bodybuilding is a game of patience, there is no shortcut in bodybuilding. People spend years to achieve the desired look because you have to mold your body according to your need during this time your body will face many challenges, if there was any time frame for a perfect body then why all those professional bodybuilders work so hard on their body, right?

I don’t know about other countries but here in Pakistan i have met many coaches where they say that “Don’t Worry, give me three months and i’ll make you a bodybuilder”. Now imagine yourself, only three months? and believe me people fall for it and they pay heavy amount to these coaches in this greed. So if your coach says something like this, then please do not fall for it because he will destroy your body instead of building it.

What these type of coach do is that they train you so hard that all of the fat on your body sheds and your muscle appear which are by default in shape, along with that they give you steroids, and you know what steroids do to your body, at a time your muscle will grow at tremendous rate but when you stop taking them your body starts to go is deficit because your body gets used to these.

I am all Natural

natural bodybuilder

If your coach is huge, and i mean huge like huge and he says i am all natural and haven’t taken and steroids or food supplements then for sure he is lying. People do get huge with natural diet but up to some extent. Diet is obviously the major part of bodybuilding as they say ” You are What you Eat”. All these food supplements and other nutritional products in the market are here for a reason, if one is getting huge by eating only vegetables and meat then why companies bothered to make food supplements. They are here to fuel the growth and recovery you need and to provide you with all essential nutrients and vitamins that your body need.

Declining Food Supplements

food supplement

If your coach is misguiding you about food supplements and urging to take medicine that he is giving you then be warned, because he is giving you some kind of third class steroids. They will show their effectiveness at that point but after some time they will start to show their negative impact on your body like hair loss, acne on all over your body, gout pain, kidney damage or even worst case death.

Bodybuilding or Weightlifting

bodybuilding vs weightlifting

You are going to gym because you want to build your body, a bad coach will always urge you to lift heavy if you want to increase muscle, let me be very clear with you there is a fine line between bodybuilding and weight lifting. I am a victim of this kind of issue, i am naturally wide and one day i was doing Incline Chest Press with 40Kg weight and the gym coach approached me and said ” (Jesa tera jism hai tujhy to iss wakt 100kg uthana chahye) The way your body is you should be lifting about 100kg” and i was really shocked that he even didn’t know the meaning of bodybuilding if i am wide then this means i should be lifting heavy weight.


Above four factors i mentioned are the basic that will tell you about your coach, if your coach doing what i have described then please do change the gym or at least change your trainer, It’s your body and you will get it only once, please do not destroy it with shortcuts or anything else. When i started bodybuilding my arm was 10 inches and now 17 inches, with time you will get there believe me but please do not fall for any thing that look unnatural because for time being you will get the benefit but in the log run you will face damages. I hope that i have provided you enough information so that you’ll be careful otherwise it’s your body you better know what to do. Until next time, see ya….

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