This is how you Burn Fat Fast

Yes, you heard me. In my experience i have seen many articles that do this to burn fat, do this to burn fat fast, eating this will cut fat etc. What i am sharing with you is self tested and works 100%, now i can’t say that how fats will you burn fat because it’s totally up to you and how you do it. If you do it with all heart then you will start to see results really fast, otherwise it will burn fat but how fast that is totally up to you.

First of all, let’s talk about the which season is best to burn fat. Strange right? i mean if you think what does it have to with the season? well this is the secret starting from 15th of May to 15th of September i have found the best time to burn fat, trust me i have tried all year and found out that this time of the year THE BEST to shed that stubborn fat.

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Reason is that this time is hot and when it comes monsoon season you sweat a lot and i mean literally you sweat with out break a sweat 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 . Sorry lame joke 😛 . Any ways if you are really looking to burn fat then you must do fat burning exercises in this time of year. Do running with a track suit, and in gym you always carry a bottle of water with you right? so instead carrying plain water put some lemon in the water so that it becomes a little sour, or if you cannot drink this then make lemonade (sugar just for taste) and carry it with you. This will keep you running in the gym, will increase your metabolism rate and ultimately will burn fat. You will start to see the results believe me.

Green Tea Benefits

As for diet w’ll talk about late but for now i would suggest you to drink green tea two times a day, first in the morning and second before going to bed. In 2015 i was doing the same and believe me i went from 78 to 68 in just 2.5 months. I must emphasize that excess of everything is bad so when you start to see the results then don’t rush to it i mean increasing the quantity of lemon or green tea, it will harm you instead of doing any good.

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This topic might seems very short but 2 things i told your are important; Time span of months and green tea. In this time of month you don’t even have to do cardio workout trust me, just you have to increase your rep range so that your body generates more heat and drinking lemon with it will burn the fat like hell, along with drinking green tea with it in the morning and night will add more punch to it. I would suggest you to start your routine right now it’s August 1st and after 1.5 months you’ll see some noticeable results.

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